College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

US Panthers of the Week for April 5 (Fall Sports)

Cross Country - The cross country coaches would like to nominate Robin Hess ’22 for Panther of the Week. In the fall, Robin was selected by her teammates to join the two returning captains for the season. Even with Robin’s busy schedule and commitment to other school groups, there has never been any doubt about Robin’s commitment to the team. She organizes team activities, acts as a liaison between athletes and coaches, and encourages and supports her fellow teammates. Throughout it all, Robin has continued to further her running and pursue excellence in her sport.

Field Hockey - The field hockey coaches would like to nominate Georgette Manos ’21 for Panther of the Week. After dealing with the frustrations of a back injury, Georgette has shown up to field hockey this spring with an abundance of energy and a work ethic to match. She continues to impress the coaches with her desire to improve as a player, both skill-wise and strategically, and to enjoy every last minute on the turf and with her teammates. She is always one of the first to answer coaches’ questions and is always willing to help out an underclasswoman or pick up equipment. She is the ultimate team player! We will truly miss Georgette’s enthusiasm for field hockey and her ability to make everyone feel welcome.  

Soccer - Soccer would like to nominate Alexandra Mason ’22 for Panther of the Week. Alex has been one of our hardest workers this spring and has such a welcoming and receptive response to encouragement and feedback. Alex is an extremely strong athlete with a natural eye for the goal, so we look forward to seeing her use her quickness and tenacity when she finds herself in and around the box. Well done, Alex!

Tennis – Tennis is nominating Maggie Koonce ’22 for Panther of the Week. Maggie is one of four juniors who has made tennis her sport of choice for two seasons now. This past year, with all the Covid challenges, she has elevated her tennis pedigree substantially. She also happens to be a very versatile player who fits in anywhere and everywhere. Whether we need her at singles or doubles, she is ready to fill in the gap and does it with the best attitude and fighting spirit. Maggie is full of grit and smiles. She will fight until the end and leave nothing behind.

Volleyball - Volleyball's Panther of the Week is Lily Parsels ’24. Lily has been working hard all season, coming to all practices ready to participate to the utmost. She has been an excellent leader on the floor and a great teammate. She helps her teammates succeed and is a great example of sportsmanship and hard work.

Congrats to all our Panthers of the Week!