College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Studio Art Returns to Form

Studio Art Returns to Form

The halls of Holton are alive -- with the sights and sounds of art! Student works created in all media are being displayed throughout the building as classes are fully back in studio spaces. 

"I speak for everyone in the art department when I say how heartwarming it is to have students back in our art classrooms and studios in a consistent way," said Art Department Chair Ambria Archibald. "We welcome back the energy and sense of community that is cultivated when students make art side by side each other in spaces that are dedicated to creativity and artmaking.

"The sound of wooden paddles forming a coil pot, the scrape of palette knives through an oil paint palette, the smell of the dark room, the quiet intensity of a group of students making, each at their own pace and with their own vision—these are sensations that cannot be replicated in digital spaces. Art classes serve to center our students, calm their anxious minds, and give them confidence in skills they never even knew they could develop. We look forward to a wonderful year of visual arts at Holton!"

In the Adalman Gallery (outside of the Simms Reception Room), “first works from the studios” all-School art show is on display. Ranging from thought-provoking ceramics to mixed-media studies of objects and so much more, the exhibit showcases works across every division.

On Nov. 15, Lower School students and families will take part in the first trimester Art Share. Lower School Director Christy Diefenderer shares more about the event and how creativity is cultivated at Holton in this month's letter to families.

See examples of some of that work in action below, and follow along @holtonarms for more!