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Junior Spreads Awareness about Sports Nutrition

Inspired by her own experience as a student-athlete, Calla D. '23 has spent the past school year educating her peers about the importance of sports nutrition.

An ice hockey and golf player, Calla knows the connection that healthy practices can have with her performance on and off the rink and golf course. Her journey began with reading a book about sports nutrition that her mother shared with her.

"I was in the thick of travel hockey season, and it was very demanding," Calla said. "I picked it up, started to read, and realized I don't know any of this. From then on I started to pay more attention to what kind of sports nutrition resources are available at my school and my hockey team, how much do my teammates know, and I came to realize quickly that there was a lack of education and resources."

Since that lightbulb moment, Calla has worked to gather and share resources with the Upper School community. She said the information student athletes need is out there but not necessarily in an easily accessible or digestible way, and that as a peer she could help be a conduit of the message.

As soon as assemblies were held in-person again, she hosted a sports nutrition assembly for the entire Upper School, athletes and non-athletes alike. A survey of attendees said nine out of 10 enjoyed and benefited from it, taking tangible and applicable knowledge from what Calla shared.

That's her goal; she knows the subject is very personal for each athlete and anyone interested in learning more about nutrition, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To ensure she's providing accurate information in a helpful way, she's worked closely with Athletic Trainer Maureen Siburt as well as a Holton parent who is a nutritionist. 

They worked together on a Sports Nutrition Guide, an approachable, colorful, and informative packet of information distributed to the whole Upper School via email. The guide includes information about ways to fuel before and after exercise and the mental value of paying attention to one's own sports nutrition practices.

She also created useful infographics and spread the word on a bulletin board outside Siburt's office near the gym and weight room.

She plans to grow her blog on the subject next year, possibly featuring experts as guest writers. She also hopes to expand the program to other schools and sports teams so they can learn from the information she's gathered.

"I'm excited to see where the program will go next because I do plan on strengthening the education and accessibility aspects of this information here within Holton."

Click here to check out Calla's Sports Nutrition Guide and other useful infographics, and follow her blog here