College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Middle School Focuses on Health and Wellbeing

Middle School Focuses on Health and Wellbeing

The one-day week before Thanksgiving Break was the perfect time for all of Middle School to take a pause after completing the first trimester.

The Health and Wellbeing Day offered students myriad ways to rest and relax: yoga, art, mindfulness practices, reading, and meditation, to name a few. The afternoon offered outdoor activities such as dodgeball, kickball, and board games.

"We used the time to teach as well as remind students of some student skills such and planner use, Google Drive organization, navigating Canvas, mindfulness, breathing techniques, mediation, etc. all with the hopes that they can start Trimester 2 even stronger," said Middle School Counselor Kristen Edma.

Middle School Director Nichole Foster-Hinds said the day harkened back to the School Year's theme of community and belonging, while also living out Holton's mission of educating the mind, soul, and spirit.

"That was really important. We needed to take a day to really focus on the soul and the spirit. We had to meet our kids where they were. They were feeling like they were overwhelmed and that their spirit hadn't been nurtured. We had to take some time to do that."