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Middle School "Sees, Thinks, Wonders" at NMAAHC

Middle School Visits NMAAHC

Seventh graders spent the day at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall learning, engaging, and reflecting.

Using the thinking routine “see, think, wonder,” students explored the over 400-year history of African American history and culture. Highlights included exhibits on sports, the delicious Southern cuisine at lunch, and a display of desks from the all-Black Hope School in Pomaria, South Carolina.

"In a lot of the exhibits we saw a lot of materials and objects," said Anna '27. "It's a really good reminder that you can go through really, really hard things and still become the type of person that you want to be."

Ella '27 said that she last visited the museum several years ago and has a deeper appreciation for it now.

"I noticed a lot of things that are referenced in a book we're reading or what we learned in World Studies. There are a lot of references that I didn't really understand, but now I really understand what (my teacher) is talking about."

Eighth grade will participate in this annual field trip on Dec. 15!