College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Eighth Grade Celebration Fetes Class of 2025 (Slideshow & Gallery Link!)

Above is a slideshow of the Class of 2025's Eighth Grade Celebration.

On Monday, June 7, the Middle School proudly held the Eighth Grade Celebration to honor the Class of 2025. The ceremony was held in the Lewis Theater, where students were able to share their excitement in-person, and it marked their journey from Middle School to Upper School and beyond. 

The ceremony started off with a few words of encouragement from the eighth-grade representatives for their journey ahead, then a student-made slideshow that highlighted special moments from the Class of 2025's time in the Middle School. Following the slideshow, student advisory groups were asked to walk to the stage and as they were presented, eighth-grade representatives shared their favorite qualities and memories of each individual student amongst their peers and teachers. They reminisced about highlights of their learning, funny stories, time spent together outside of school, and the positive influences many students have had on one another. 

Once students shared their praises, Director of Middle School Nichole Foster-Hinds presented the Middle School’s Catherine Probey Wheatley Award, given to a student in recognition of their compassion and respectfulness towards others and eagerness to get involved in School activities. This year’s recipient was Elise Attiogbe '25. 

After the ceremony, students gathered in the Middle School study hall and Lewis Courtyard for a dance party, to take pictures, and to say their goodbyes. 

All of the Holton community is so proud of the Class of 2025 and wishes them all the best in their journey after Middle School!

View and download photos from the full gallery from Vidigami. (Log in with your Holton credentials.)