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Algebra Students Create Dynamic Patterns Using Math

Algebra Students Create Dynamic Patterns Using Math

Algebra 1A students found inspiration in Islamic art during Ramadan to create their own beautiful and dynamic patterns with simple shapes, similar to those found in tombs, tilings, and modern day architecture and art.

Seventh graders finalized their unit about analyzing patterns and generalizing rules for them by creating their own unique set of figures and providing the analysis.

"The engagement and focus in our classrooms during this time was awesome!," said teacher Ritu Virmani. "Our students pushed themselves to create something challenging and fun, and learned a lot about what it takes to make a pattern."

Students found linear rules, rules with squaring, and even rules with cubing. This would not always be possible to find by just looking at the patterns numerically – they really needed to focus on a visual understanding of the pattern to get the rule and make connections!