College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Varsity Tennis


The Holton varsity tennis team is constantly morphing but this year is a very special year with a new batch of girls coming from JV and eighth grade.

This team will be one of the youngest teams Holton tennis has ever had. We are very excited about their potential and the great tennis they will produce. Like each year, the direction of the season will be based on how quickly the seasoned players adjust to their new roles, and the younger payers mature within their new responsibilities and expectations. Youth and depth is guaranteed to produce some surprises!


Team Opponent Date Time Advantage Result Score
Varsity Tennis
Stuart Counrty Day
Varsity Tennis vs.
Sidwell Friends School
Home Win 6-1
Varsity Tennis vs.
National Cathedral School
Home Win 7-0
Varsity Tennis vs.
Bullis School
Home Win 4-3
Varsity Tennis vs.
Potomac School
Home Loss 3-4
Varsity Tennis vs.
St. Andrew's School
Away Win 7-0
Varsity Tennis vs.
Episcopal High School
Away Loss 3-4
Varsity Tennis vs.
Flint Hill School - US
Away Win 4-3
Varsity Tennis
Stone Ridge @ Landon
Away Win 7-0
Varsity Tennis vs.
Georgetown Visitation
Home Win 6-1
Varsity Tennis vs.
Maret School
Home Win 7-0
Varsity Tennis
ISL Quarter vs. Visitation
Home Win 7-0
Varsity Tennis
ISL Semi vs Flint Hill
Home Win 4-3
Varsity Tennis
ISL Championship vs Episcopal



Name Class
Roshini Balan 2020
Ashley Ballenger 2021
Tess Blaylock 2020
Alice Currie 2022
Christina DeNovio 2020
Katherine DiPaolo 2021
Brooke Evans 2020
Greta Hannam 2020
Romi Hodor 2021
Natalie Kempf 2021
Julia Mehlman 2021
Kelly O'Connor 2019
Anastasia Staurulakis 2019
Caitlin Wang 2022
Hailey Wilson 2022


Head Coach: Yann Auzoux

Coach Auzoux is a former Davis Cup player who has played with the best in the world. As a tennis player, Auzoux has won over 60 national and international events in both singles and doubles. Under his tenure, the team has been at the #1 spot in the ISL for 12 years out of 13 and is on a 6 year winning streak.

For the last 13 years, Auzoux has helped the Holton tennis program dominate the Independent School League (ISL) with a 97% winning percentage. Under his Tenure, the team has been ranked #1 in the ISL 12 out of the last 13 years. Additionally, he has helped over girls continue their tennis carriers playing collegiately at the Division I and III levels. Auzoux has been voted the Washington Post All-Metro Coach of year in addition to the Montgomery Country Gazette Coach of the Year.


Past Awards


2017 AA ISL Tournament Champions
Most Valuable Players: Claire Evans '18
Most Improved Player: Greta Hannam ‘20
Coaches Award: Shira Studley ‘20

ISL Honors
Claire Evans ‘18
Brooke Evans ‘20

All-Met Honors
First Team: Claire Evans '18


2016 AA ISL Tennis Regular Season & Tournament Champions

2016 Team Awards
Most Valuable Players: Claire Evans ‘18
Most Improved Player: Brooke Evans ‘20
Coaches Award: Marie Claire Medeiros ’17 & Sophie Gary ‘17

ISL Honors: Claire Evans ’18 and Maya Das ‘17

2017 All-Met First Team
Maya Das ‘17


2015 Team Awards
Most Valuable Players - Sophie Gary ‘17 and Mary Claire Medeiros ‘17
Most Improved Player - Kat Soltany ‘18
Coaches Award - Anjali Berdia ‘17

ISL Honors:
Maya Das ‘17
Claire Evans ‘18

2016 All-Met Honorable Mention
Maya Das ‘17


2014 Team Awards
Most Valuable Player - Maya Das ‘17
Most Improved Player - Claire Evans ‘18
Coaches Award - Sophie Gary ‘17 & Mary Claire Medeiros ‘17

ISL Honors
Lily Lynham ’15
Maya Das ‘17

2015 Spring All-Met Girls' Tennis
First Team: Lilly Lynham '15
Honorable Mention: Maya Das '17