College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12


Dance is an integral part of the physical education curriculum in the Lower School. Creative movement, choreography, dance techniques, and improvisation enhance creative thinking and serve as a medium for developing physical fitness. Dance experiences develop an appreciation of dance as means of artistic expressive.

Dance first "happens" in the third grade and continues through eighth grade as part of the physical education program. Every student participates in creative movement, composition, and modern and ballet technique lessons.

In the Middle and Upper School, dance is an integral part of the performing arts and physical education at Holton.

Students are encouraged to draw on their creativity to build and expand a movement vocabulary, to share their work with peers, and to present their movements with confidence and pride. Even the most apprehensive mover can flourish in this supportive, positive learning environment. Students spend time in class learning the basics of ballet and modern dance technique, as well as fundamental choreographic skills. The hallmark of the Orchesis Program in Middle and Upper School is its commitment to developing student choreographers.

Performance Opportunities:

  • Middle School - Fall Dance Open House
  • Middle School - Junior Orchesis Performance
  • Middle School - Spring Dance Showing
  • Upper School - Orchesis Open House
  • Upper School - Orchesis Annual Concert (with guest artists Junior Orchesis)
  • Upper School - WAISDEA Festival (Washington Area Independent Schools Dance Festival)