College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12


Upper School students can take both photography minor and photography major classes. Photography minor classes are introductory level and meet twice a cycle. Photography major courses are advanced and meet four times per cycle.

Photography minor students explore the art of seeing and self-expression in black and white photography. The class introduces the use of the 35 mm camera, film exposure and processing, and darkroom printing. Equal emphasis is given to technical understanding and compositional ideas. The course briefly explores the history of photography and the role of aesthetic principles in making strong images.

The photography major is designed for students who have already developed photographic skills. It explores various styles of shooting: landscape, documentary and portraiture, with an emphasis on developing a point of view. Students learn to use different films such as black and white, infra-red, and slow ISO films. Toning prints is also part of the curriculum. This course includes a unit on digital color photography in which students shoot with digital cameras provided by the school, manipulate the print in Photoshop, and learn the mechanics of color printing.

Photography Spotlight - Scrolling

Scrolling is a Senior Project produced by Holton students. Click image below to view: