College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Drawing & Painting

Drawing and painting classes focus on the study of art as visual language.

The introductory Upper School studio course concentrates on drawing and oil painting, as well as watercolor and collage. Students are encouraged to explore many forms of creative expression as they continue to develop basic skills and an understanding of aesthetic expression. This course may be repeated, and students should register for one, two or three trimesters.

Art Majors explores the more complex issues of color, composition, and space through exercises in drawing, oil painting, and watercolor. While the use of traditional materials and techniques is taught, the focus of the course is to teach students to see the relationship between technical skills and aesthetic expression. The course will also help students prepare a portfolio for the college admissions process.



Painting & Drawing Spotlight - Scrolling

Scrolling is a Senior Project produced by Holton students. Click the image below to view: