College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12


Upper School students can take both beginning ceramics and advanced ceramics classes. Beginning Ceramics classes are introductory level and meet twice a cycle. Advanced Ceramics courses meet four times per cycle. Both beginning and advanced courses may be repeated.

Students are introduced to clay as a medium of expression through hand-building techniques of pinching, coiling, and slab construction. Special attention is given to craftsmanship and the development of aesthetic expression. In each trimester, both terra cotta and stoneware are used, and various techniques of surface decoration are explored. Students will continue to build their visual literacy through class discussions and critiques.

In advanced classes students intensify the study of ceramics begun in beginning ceramics. Hand-building is the main focus of the curriculum. Both functional and sculptural projects are assigned in the exploration and development of personal expression. Other important aspects of Advanced Ceramics include working with a larger variety of different clays, and both oxidation and reduction firing processes. The course will also help students interested in pursuing the visual arts in college prepare a portfolio for the college admissions process.

Ceramics Spotlight - Scrolling

Scrolling is a Senior Project produced by Holton students. Click the image below to view: