College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Visual Arts

In Holton's art studios, students acquire skills and aesthetic understanding while learning to think creatively. The Fine Arts program in grades 3 through 12 offers a sequential, spiraling curriculum that teaches art as a visual language and combines technical training with the development of imagination and personal expression.

Throughout the school - in the classrooms, offices, hallways, and gallery spaces - artwork by Holton students is continuously displayed and celebrated. School publications, such as the school calendar, and Scroll, the literary arts magazine, feature artwork by students. Small gallery areas in the Middle and Upper Schools provide spaces for students to become exhibition curators as they design and install shows of their own.

A Window Into Other Worlds


Lower School student in art class

Upper School art student working with her teacher in ceramics class

Middle School student working on 3 dimensional mask in art clss

Spotlight on Lower & Middle School Art - Scrolling 2018

Scrolling is a Senior Project produced by Holton students. Click the image below to view: