College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Visual Arts

In Holton's art studios, students acquire skills and aesthetic understanding while learning to think creatively. The Fine Arts program in grades 3 through 12 offers a sequential, spiraling curriculum that teaches art as a visual language and combines technical training with the development of imagination and personal expression.

Throughout the school - in the classrooms, offices, hallways, and gallery spaces - artwork by Holton students is continuously displayed and celebrated. School publications, such as the school calendar, and Scroll, the literary arts magazine, feature artwork by students. Small gallery areas in the Middle and Upper Schools provide spaces for students to become exhibition curators as they design and install shows of their own.

A Window Into Other Worlds


Lower School student in art class


By engaging each student in problem solving using a variety of media, the Lower School Arts Program capitalizes on children’s joyous affinity with art materials and activities of every type.

Learning by doing provides the basis for class activities. On-going discussion and reflection reinforce the hands-on, experiential aspect of each project. Through their years in Lower School art, students grow in skill and artistic self-confidence as they encounter ever-more challenging ideas and materials. By acquiring the tools to express thoughts, feelings, and images in a personally satisfying way, and by gaining an awareness of art as a universally important human activity, students learn about art and their own relationship to it.

Upper School art student working with her teacher in ceramics class


Upper School art courses offer students opportunities to concentrate in one discipline. Girls work closely with members of the art faculty who encourage inquiry, experimentation, and excellence. Studios are spacious, well equipped, and open to students throughout the day.

In addition to acquiring the various skills and techniques involved in a specific art discipline, the experience of creating art directly relates to development of critical thinking, mental discipline, self-confidence, and the ability to solve problems.

The art curriculum provides developmentally appropriate and challenging training for each student to express herself while nurturing the artistic process so that it becomes incorporated into her daily life.

Middle School student working on 3 dimensional mask in art clss


The art curriculum of Holton-Arms actively engages each student in the process of discovering her creative vision while acquiring technical skills and gaining historical and cultural perspectives. Art courses in the Middle School provide general introductions to studio art, photography and ceramics, and reinforce skills and concepts learned at the primary level.


  • Galleries
    • Adalman Gallery
    • Camalier Gallery and Lewis Theater Lobby Gallery
    • Lower School Stairwell Gallery, Entry Gallery, Library Gallery
    • Middle School Gallery
  • Lower School art studio (including electric kiln)
  • Middle School art studio (including gas kiln)
  • Upper School art studios:
    • Photography studio and darkrooms
    • Digital photography lab
    • Sheridan Ceramics Studio (two electric kilns)
    • Drawing and painting studio
    • Printmaking studio

Spotlight on Lower & Middle School Art - Scrolling 2018

Scrolling is a Senior Project produced by Holton students. Click the image below to view: