College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

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Holton-Arms Admissions Office
Main Admissions 301.365.6000

Director of Enrollment Management, Sharron Rodgers 301.365.6013
Entering grades 3-5, Josie Shiroma 301.365.6014 | 301.660.3120 (off-campus)
Entering grade 6, Samantha Gilman-Reilly '07 301.365.6097 | 301.388.5259 (off-campus)
Entering grades 7 & 8, Caroline Howton 301.365.6075 | 301.291.5740 (off-campus)
Entering grades 9 - 12, Leslie Nelson 301.365.6015 | 301.941.7551 (off-campus)

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