College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Tuition & Financial Aid

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A Holton-Arms education prepares young women for a lifetime of personal and professional success by:
  • Providing the tools and insights they need for self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Creating opportunities to grow from and with people from diverse backgrounds—learning empathy, teamwork, and problem solving.
  • Connecting students to the larger world through classroom and experiential learning that is rooted in real-world applications and linked to global challenges.
  • As a result, Holton alumnae are self-confident, socially adept, and globally fluent—a combination of attributes that sets the stage for a lifetime of wellness and success.


Our financial aid grants are based on a family’s demonstrated need.

There is no specific income level at which families do or don’t quality. Rather, financial need is determined by considering a range of factors that includes income, assets, liabilities, number of children in tuition schools, and age of parents. Students who qualify for aid also receive assistance with textbooks, technology, transportation, and extended-day care at the same percentage as their tuition aid.


Average: $189,000
Median: $170,000
Range: $23,000 to over $250,000


Students of talent and promise come from a broad range of economic circumstances.
Different experiences and perspectives shape and define Holton’s dynamic learning environment. Our commitment to financial aid is rooted in the belief that a school community that welcomes a wide spectrum of families enhances the educational experience of all students. We encourage parents who are concerned about being able to pay the full cost to apply for financial aid.

Learn more about applying for financial aid.


Expenses listed here are subject to change and are updated annually. Amounts below reflect the 2019-2020 school year.

All Grades

New Student Enrollment Deposit (required upon signing first enrollment contract): $1,200

This is a one-time enrollment deposit that is held and reapplied each year a student re-enrolls.

Tuition Refund Insurance (required): $200, Dewar Tuition Refund Plan PDF

Uniform (required): $75-$150

Payment Plan (optional): $100

Parent Association Dues (optional): $95

Bus Transportation (optional): $2,050-$2,400 (round trip) or $1,650-2,000 (one-way)

For Students in Grades 3-6

Instrument Rental (required): $200

Lower School iPad Purchase (required): $505
All fifth graders, and sixth graders new to the School

Extended Day (4:30-6 p.m., optional): $8.00/hour

Lower School Ski Trip (optional): $100

Fall Fun Days (optional during Parent-Teacher Conferences): $95/day

Gingerbread House Workshop (optional): $95

Grade 6 Maine Trip (optional): $1,700

For Students in Grades 7 & 8

Textbooks (required): $450 (average)

Middle School iPad Purchase (required): $505
All seventh graders, and eighth graders new to the School

Middle School PE Uniform (required): $85

Grade 7 & 8 Homework Haven (4-6 p.m., optional): $8.00/hour

Middle School Reading and Writing Workshop (optional): $500

Grade 7 Belize Trip (optional): $3,500

Grade 8 New Orleans Trip (optional): $1,800

For Students in Grades 9-12

Textbooks (required): $650-$1,000

Upper School Laptop Purchase: $1,200-$1,500

All Upper School students are required to have a working laptop that meets School specifications. Students may bring a laptop they already have or purchase a new one.

Grade 9-10 Language Immersion Trip (optional): $4,200

Grade 11 Junior Journey Trip (optional): $3,750*

*Financial aid is available.

Grade 11-12 Prom Tickets (optional): $95

Grade 12 Dinner (optional): $95

Club/Athletic Team Fees (optional): $0-$1,500

Graduation Fee $100