College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Black Alumnae Union

Established in 2018, The Black Alumnae Union's mission is to build strong community connections among Holton-Arms black alumnae and enrich the experience of current black students and families.

This year, the group hopes to continue to grow by hosting small gatherings throughout the year, either in-person or virtually, and working with the Black Student Union. If you are interested in getting involved in the BAU and/or hosting a gathering, please contact Co-Chairs Lakia "Kiki" Somerville '92 and Bethany Young '05 or complete the form below!

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Find a way or make one. That is the Holton way. It is a principle that guides Holton students to excel academically while balancing their extracurricular activities, their social lives, and family responsibilities. It puts into words a sense of determination, commitment, and pride in hard work, and in defying the odds to create opportunity where it may not exist.

In the voices of Holton’s Black students, this powerful mantra takes an urgent tone. These students – determined to find their place or create it, to be seen and understood, to be safe and secure in their skin – understand from an early age that the mantle of opportunity is a rare privilege accompanied by the expectation of extraordinary effort and excellence. It is a privilege shared and intended to benefit not just the individual student, but their families and communities. Armed with their Holton experience, they are tasked with making a way for those who come after them. That is the debt they pay to those whose authentic presence and determination made a way for them. That is the legacy of Holton’s Black community and the spirit in which the Holton-Arms School Black Alumnae Union was born.

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Faculty member Bob Tupper with the first Black Student Union in 1974.