Women and power. The relationship between the two is complex and ever evolving. Although examples of powerful women abound in today’s world, for many women, power remains a challenging term, conjuring stereotypes and questions of access and eliciting feelings of discomfort, fear, or frustration. As Head of School Susanna Jones said in her 2018 Convocation speech, however, women “need to acknowledge that we need power to accomplish goals, to make a difference. Instead of shirking from power for fear of offending, [women] need to think consciously about how we can gain and use power for good.” 

At Holton, we are not only actively exploring the relationship between women and power; we are continuing to evolve the relationship between the two through our steadfast commitment to empowering young women to reach their fullest potential, to effect positive change in the world, to find a way or make one. Here at today’s second Women & Power for Good Summit, we present 39 powerful, accomplished alumnae from the Classes of 1961 to 2008 who show what happens when women embrace power and harness it for good. Our goal is to help Upper School students see the relationship between women and power in new ways; to help them better understand their own power and potential.  


Women & Power Keynote

Women & Power Alumnae Panel Discussion