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Lower School Curriculum

I am a mathematician! I am a reader! I am a scientist! I am an artist! I am an athlete! I am a maker, a musician, a coder, and a historian! Our goal in Lower School is to open the world to our students and to help them explore it as those in the field. Emphasizing a growth mindset, the curriculum is designed to allow each student opportunities to discover their passions and find success in every aspect of the program. Our Learn Well, Live Well, Lead Well philosophy is woven into ever component of  Lower School! In every subject, along with subject specific content, students are simultaneously growing their curiosity, creativity, collaboration skills, resilience, pride, empathy, ability to value diversity, perspective taking, engagement with the community and world, and pursuit of their passions. The Lower School curriculum recognizes the importance of the social curriculum and understands that in order to be successful, students need to be taught and practice social emotional and executive functioning skills. Our challenging and engaging student-centered curriculum paired with nurturing teachers who deeply know their students and how to provide the perfect amount of challenge, makes our Lower School a uniquely joyful place to learn!

A Lower School student sitting at a desk doing classwork.