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Lower School (3-6)

Five Lower School students standing in the entrance to the Lower School.

Building a Lasting Foundation 

Supported by a sense of safety, deep connection to their teachers, and respectful friendships with classmates, Lower School girls spend their days in an environment of joyful learning. 

Lower School students are free to be themselves while learning how to understand, value, and work closely with others. Their committed teachers are experienced, innovative, creative, passionate, and deeply nurturing educators, who not only help students master subject matter, but understand and identify their own emotions, setting the stage for productive discovery. Students leave for Middle School knowing who they are as a learner and how to move toward accomplishing their ambitions and dreams in meaningful ways throughout their academic journey at Holton.

Three Holton students leaning on a rock outside while on a field trip.

Learn More About Lower School

From third grade on, girls dive into design thinking and global engagement, whether using 3D printers to bring their ideas to life or partnering with classrooms across the globe. Our students learn with purpose and intention—as teachers help them understand the deeper meaning and larger contexts behind their lessons and experiences.

Explore Lower School curriculum

LW3 in Lower School

Learn Well, Live Well, Lead Well (LW3) is Holton’s philosophical answer to the call for excellence in girls' education and the need for informed, compassionate, and responsive leadership in a complex and changing world.