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College Visitors

Each year during the fall semester, Holton’s College Counseling Office hosts visits from over 100 prominent colleges, which allow students to gather first-hand impressions from admissions officers.

Visitation Policy

We welcome college representatives to visit our campus and spend time getting to know us. With approximately 120 college visitors each fall, we have found that most girls are not able to miss class for longer meetings. In order to provide more student accessibility to our college visitors, Holton offers a mini-fair setting from 1-1:30 p.m. on most weekdays. Up to five college representatives are located in an attractive gallery space at a time when students have a free lunch/clubs period. All juniors and seniors are encouraged to circulate and chat with the college visitors.

For colleges that we anticipate will receive a larger audience (12-20 girls), we can arrange for a private visit at a separate time of day. Only seniors (and juniors with a free period) will be permitted to attend those meetings.