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Two Holton students working on problems in class on the whiteboards.

Keeping with Mrs. Holton's vision, Holton is a school that is filled with the joy of learning. 

Academic excellence is a unifying, cross-generational theme of the Holton experience. A Holton student has a proclivity to set a high bar in all of her endeavors, including and most especially in what she sees as her impact on the world. 

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Learn Well, Live Well, Lead Well

To learn, live, and lead well, Holton students seek to understand themselves and others, build healthy relationships across similarities and differences, and develop the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind to make the world a more equitable, sustainable, just, and peaceful place. 

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All studies are global

At Holton, students have opportunities to encounter and engage with the world's cultures, community, people, and ideas, via technology, research, travel, and more. Beginning in Middle School, students have the opportunity to travel abroad, and Upper Schoolers can apply for a Global Scholar distinction at graduation.

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Student Support

The Student Support Team–comprised of a range of administrators, including counselors, the school nurse, and learning specialists–believes in a collaborative approach to supporting students. Members of a student’s team offer individual attention as she moves through the stages of academic, physical, and social-emotional growth.

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Explore Our Divisions

Grade 3-6

Lower School

Supported by a sense of belonging, deep connection to their teachers, and fulfilling friendships with their classmates, Lower School students spend their days in a joyful learning environment.

Grade 7-8

Middle School

While establishing a firm grounding in core academic and specialized subjects, Middle Schoolers tackle the complexities of adolescents through an intentional and proactive approach to their health and well-being.

Grade 9-12

Upper School

Upper School students engage in rigorous classes while also having the support and space to pursue athletics, the arts and other personal interests beyond the classroom.