College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12


Given our school philosophy, which encourages students to make a difference in a complex and changing world, Holton-Arms supports the core principles of sustainable development to meet the challenges of today while preserving the right of future generations to meet theirs. Specifically, we commit ourselves to stewardship of the environment both on our campus and in the larger world. We must encourage such stewardship in all aspects of our school community, making a commitment to conservation, recycling, and education. We must promote wise and ethical use of our resources in all aspects of our school community through our planning, practices, and curriculum, sending out our students as ambassadors of the environment. Ultimately, each of us must take personal responsibility for how we affect the environment around us; and as an educational institution, we must teach ourselves, our students, and our community how to maintain a more sustainable planet.

More specifically, we pledge to promote:

• The concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

• Expanded recycling programs and use of recycled products

• Reduced consumption of energy (particularly fossil fuels), food, paper, and other resources

• Reduced waste in all aspects of school life

• Green design in campus construction

• Green practices in the maintenance of the building and grounds

• High standards for environmental health and safety

• The use of green technologies in furtherance of sustainability goals

• Education about environmental stewardship/sustainability, including formal educational offerings

• Student leadership in sustainable development

• Increased awareness of these issues in the larger community