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Seven Seniors to Play Division III Athletics Next Year

Seven Seniors to Play Division III Athletics Next Year

Seven Seniors to Play Division III Athletics Next Year

Congratulations to Lindy Child '23, Emi Hakutani '23, Kiera Johnson '23, Marley Kurey '23, Kate McManaman '23, Arielle Troadec '23, and Zoey Verbesey '23 for their commitment to compete in Division III athletics next year! These student-athletes were celebrated by their friends, family, and the Holton community in a signing day ceremony on Wednesday. Way to go, Panthers!

Read more about each student and their journey to competing on the collegiate level below.

Lindy Child - Bates College, Lacrosse

Lindy has played lacrosse since eighth grade, both at Holton and for Pride Lacrosse, as well as basketball. The midfielder has always known she wanted to play at the Division III level, and when she visited Bates for the first time, she knew it was the right fit.

"The students and other players on the team were so welcoming," she said. "I appreciated the small class sizes, and the campus was beautiful. (Head Coach Renee) Olsen was so friendly and I really felt like she prioritized academics, but also pushed her team to be able to compete in the most competitive D3 conference (NESCAC conference)."

The long recruiting process in the NESCAC proved long and stressful, and she would like to think Coach Janet McCormick and her club coach Katie McMahon for helping throughout the journey. She also would like to thank her parents for their support in bringing her to showcases, tournaments, and visits. 

"Holton helped me prepare for the next step because it taught me time management and a hard work ethic," she said. "Holton pushed me to be a better student and stronger athlete. I believe I will take the skills I learned from Holton into college."

Emi Hakutani - Johns Hopkins, Field Hockey

Emi has been playing field hockey since third grade and joined her current club team, the Washington Wolves, in sixth grade. She's excited to continue her career at Johns Hopkins, where she will find challenging academics, research opportunities, and a competitive yet fun team.

"Academically I feel like it’s a great fit because I will be able to combine my interests in mathematics and economics," she said. "It’s a challenging academic environment but all the students I’ve met love it and talk about the collaborative environment. Competitively the field hockey team has been to the D3 national championship game and has won their conference the last four years in a row. I’m looking to contribute to their success."

She thanks Coaches Leckey, Roth, Lowenthal, and Acerra, her incredibly supportive and encouraging parents, and her friends who have shown up for games and cheered her on. She also would like to thank Athletic Director Graham Westerberg for being a cheerleader of the team, and her Washington Wolves coaches.

"I would also especially like to highlight all the past captains and team members. It was intimidating to be a freshman on varsity for about 5 minutes, but it’s felt like home ever since."

Kiera Johnson - Washington University in St. Louis, Swimming

Kiera has been swimming competitive since she was 6 years old, and currently swim for Machine Aquatic's National Team as well as Holton's Varsity team. She is excited to continue her academic and athletic career at WashU. 

"I was lucky enough to have an incredible support system throughout the recruiting process, which made pursuing my goals much more obtainable during a somewhat stressful period of time," she said. "While visiting the campus, I was able to connect with the coaches and swimmers on the team almost immediately. It just felt natural to be surrounded by all of them, chatting about a sport we were all very passionate about."

She would really like to thank her mom, dad, older sister, and many friends who supported her and helped her achieve her dreams over the past couple years. She would also love to give a special thanks to her club coaches, Dan Jacobs and Jason Cochran, and her Holton coaches, Graham Westerberg, Melena Lair Ferrari, Chris Lynch, Kevin Wagman, Martha Macon Smith, and Mary St. John.

"My time at Holton is a huge factor in why I was given this opportunity in the first place," she said. "From Holton I have learned so many important life lessons and skills that I will carry with me throughout my four years in college. All of my peers, teachers, and advisors at Holton have pushed me to become a better student, athlete, and most importantly, individual. 

Marley Kurey - Dickinson College, Track and Field

Both of Marley's parents attended Dickinson College, and she grew up with a close affinity for the school. A trip during her junior year, shortly after she got more serious about her track career, she did an overnight visit with three juniors on the team there to gauge her interest. It sealed the deal – she applied early decision to Dickinson this past fall.

"The athletes I stayed with were so welcoming and enthusiastic about the team, and by the end of my short stay with them, I already felt like I had made new friends who I would be excited to train and compete with next year," she said. "Also, I’m interested in majoring in environmental studies as well as studying abroad, and Dickinson has amazing programs for both."

Her parents were, of course, the biggest supporters throughout the process, but Marley has others to thank, as well: former track coach Meredith Valmon, for guiding her throughout; Holton cross country coach Carrie Braun for helping shape her love of running and develop her leadership skills as a captain; and Athletic Trainer Maureen Siburt for all her help over twelve seasons of sports. 

"My four years at Holton have provided me with so many opportunities to explore my interests and passions that have shaped my identity. I feel confident that through every activity, club, and sport I’ve been involved in at Holton, I’ve developed strong leadership, communication, and advocacy skills that I will carry with me through college and beyond," she said. "Balancing athletics and academics at Holton has been challenging, but it has equipped me with valuable time management skills and resilience, as well as the ability to advocate for myself and others."

Kate McManaman - Bates College, Field Hockey

Kate was looking for a liberal arts experience and a small school environment and found that in Bates. 

"I wanted a strong athletic program that still stresses academics, so Bates was for me," she said. "Holton has prepared me academically, and I'm grateful to my classes and teachers for inspiring my love of academics."

The president of Holton-Arms Athletic Association has a long list of those she'd like to thank throughout the stressful but exciting recruiting process: her club coach Welma Luus for helping develop her into the player she has become; Director of College Counseling Suzanne Carter for her wisdom and expertise in the college process; Holton coaches Coach Leckey and Coach Roth for providing a great high school experience; and her mom for her critique and cheerleading based on her own collegiate field hockey experience.

Arielle Troadec - University of Chicago, Track and Field

While at Holton, Arielle broke the school record for the triple jump – and then topped her own performance to set the record again. Now, she's taking her skills in the 100 meter, 200 meter, long jump, and triple jump to the University of Chicago.

She found the recruiting process stressful but worthwhile, and is excited to join the team in Chicago. She cites a great relationship with the coach, a great economics program and opportunities for career advancement, and a very welcoming community as factors in her decision. The beautiful campus is a nice bonus, too.

"Holton helped me prepare for this next step by building my time management skills," she said. "I know how to get work done efficiently but with good quality."

Zoey Verbesey - Colby College, Lacrosse

Zoey has been playing lacrosse for nine years and takes her attacking skills to Colby College in Maine. The slow recruiting process at the Division III level was stressful, but it allowed her to really think her decision through and land in the right spot.

"I chose the school because I loved the facilities and the team and coaches," she said. "Everyone was so energetic when I visited and it seemed like they genuinely loved it there. The lacrosse team at Colby is extremely competitive and is a very developed program. I am thrilled and excited to join the team!"

She would like to thank her Pride Lacrosse coaches and Coach Janet McCormick for helping her through the process and always supporting her. She also thanks her parents for driving her all around the country to different recruiting camps and clinics. 


Congratulations, Panthers! More photos of the celebration can be viewed in Vidigami.

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