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Holton-Arms Alumnae so enjoyed their Reunion Weekend 2024. A magical weekend of friendship, memories, and most of all fun!

Holton-Arms Alumnae so enjoyed their Reunion Weekend 2024. A magical weekend of friendship, memories, and most of all fun!

On Friday, April 12, and Saturday, April 13, alumnae from the Holton classes ending in 4’s and 9’s gathered on campus and around the area to reconnect with one another, reminisce about their time at Holton, and catch up on each other’s lives. Over 250 alumnae visited campus, attended alumnae classes, such as the Alumnae Ceramics class, watched ballet performances, socialized at the Alumnae Association cocktail party, and attended reunion year-specific class gatherings. 

The Class of 1974, celebrating their 50th reunion participated in some special on-campus events. Alums were treated to the 50th Reunion Lunch at the home of the Head of School, Penny B. Evins. They also spent time with Holton’s youngest students, the Class of 2033. The two classes met in small groups in the Lower School Gathering Area. Students and alumnae enjoyed a snack and chatted about life at Holton, past and present. It was a wonderful opportunity to make connections. One third grader remarked, “It was cool how it was so different from what it is now. There was no mascot!”  

“The Class of 2009 had a blast reconnecting at the Friday night cocktail party and at our class party at The Avenue on Saturday,” said Martha Macon Smith ‘09. “Fifteen years feels like no time at all when everyone gets back together! But it’s also amazing to see all that our classmates have accomplished during this time. Starting our own businesses, working at the State Department, becoming mothers – 15 years sure looks good on the Class of 2009!”

Mary Catherine Jones Thompson ‘79 said, “Reunion is always such a joyous occasion. It’s so wonderful to reconnect with classmates as well as friends from other generations. I especially love getting big smiles and hugs from my former 4th grade students!” 

A highlight of Reunion Weekend is the presentation of the Alumnae Awards. This year, the Distinguished Alumna Award was bestowed upon Melissa Bernstein ’94. This award is presented to an alumnae who has achieved notable success in her career. Ms. Bernstein is a Holton ten-year girl and, following her Holton graduation, went on to the University of Pennsylvania. She has crafted a remarkable career in the entertainment industry, from working on documentary television for the National Geographic Explorer series and The Learning Channel to collaborating on short films and spearheading television production and development. Her love of storytelling is what drives her. Ms. Bernstein shared, “I want to tell stories that, in some way, illuminate the human condition, that make us think and make us wonder and surprise us and inspire us. It’s a privilege to be a storyteller and to have a role in sharing stories with the world. I think they have the potential to enlighten and motivate and make people think about who they are and who they want to be, and that’s a really beautiful thing.” 

The Rosemary Wire Anderson (The Rosie) Award recognizes an alumna’s extraordinary service to Holton-Arms. The “Rosie” Award is a surprise to the recipient, so it is often bestowed on an alum who is celebrating a reunion year. The recipients of this year’s award are Marjorie Harrison Webb ‘64 and Mary Harrison Keevile ‘69. Marjorie Harrison Webb ‘64 shared about her and her sister’s time at Holton, “What we received from our time at Holton was a love of the history of art, respect for diversity, good friends, and most importantly, self-confidence. That can take one a long way, and happily for us, it has. With our 30 years of annual support, we feel we have repaid Holton for the kindness and the fine education we received. Our hope is that the school continues to thrive and that her graduates will be as proud as we are to be among them.”

The Champagne Cup is awarded to the Reunion Class with the highest participation in The Holton Fund. This year, the Champagne Cup was earned by the Class of 2004 with a 34% participation rate.  The Reunion Class that contributes the highest dollar amount overall to Holton is awarded the Presidents’ Cup. For 2024, the Class of 1999 received the Presidents’ Cup with over $140,000 committed to Holton.

Current students also receive recognition during the award announcements. During “Happy Birthday, Holton”, the school’s annual give day, Upper School students learn about the importance of philanthropy and compete as a class to achieve the highest participation in The Holton Fund. The winners are recognized with The Students’ Cup, presented during Reunion Weekend. This year, the Class of 2024 won with 100% participation in The Holton Fund. 

Holton appreciates the generosity of our alumnae and their willingness to donate to the Holton Fund so that Holton can continue to provide a remarkable educational experience to current and future Panthers. Overall, so far this year, 252 alumnae from Reunion classes ending in 4’s and 9’s have committed over $280,000 to Holton.

Reunion 2024 provided an opportunity for those in attendance to create new Holton memories. We look forward to celebrating our 0’s and 5’s next year!

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