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Lamp of Learning Profiles: Ali Hauspurg '03

Lamp of Learning Profiles: Ali Hauspurg '03

The Lamp of Learning is our planned giving recognition program. It honors and recognizes people who have included Holton-Arms in their estate plans or have made a planned gift to the School. Lamp of Learning members are forward-thinking donors who have made known their core values and want to ensure Holton’s mission into the future.

Alumnae who are celebrating up to and including their 25th Reunion may join the young alumnae branch of the program, “Far into the Distant Future.” We are featuring Lamp of Learning donors throughout this school year. First is Ali Hauspurg '03, a longtime Lamp of Learning member and inaugural member of Far Into the Distant Future, former Alumnae Board President, sometimes substitute Holton school nurse, and proud mom of two little girls who were sung the alma mater as a lullaby.

What inspired you to become a Lamp of Learning member?

When I was President of the Alumnae Board, I was asked to moderate a financial planning event at Reunion – even though I had no relevant financial experience whatsoever. The panel consisted of a group of Holton alumnae and Board Members, and I was so inspired by what they shared about personal financial planning, as well as planned giving. Holton has always been an important part of my life, and I have always been a loyal donor to the Annual Fund. But I was excited to learn how, by including Holton in my will, I would be able to give a gift that is more commensurate with my love for Holton – and beyond what I could write in a check right now in this phase of life. 

How do you feel Holton shaped your life?

In every way! I am forever grateful for the love of learning that was nurtured in me as a student, and for the community that remains a big part of my life to this day. The Holton community has been the best kind of family; one that is warm and grounding, but that also inspires me and holds me to “all that’s finest.” Of course, “Find a way or make one” are words I continue to live by; even my kids know to recall this motto when faced with a challenge. 

How did giving your gift make you feel?

Writing my will was not particularly exciting, but, when it was done, I was so proud to “see” my gift to Holton. Honestly, I got a little sentimental looking at this legal document that spells out in black and white how important Holton is to me and to my life. I was (and remain) excited to have found such a meaningful way to give back to our community.  

Do you have any advice for people considering a gift to Holton?

Check out the resources Holton provides online! They make it easy to learn more about the different options.  I found them to be an incredibly helpful starting point for the organizing and preparation I did prior to meeting with my estate attorney.

What motivates you to stay involved with Holton-Arms?

The people. Even though faces change, that sense of belonging and connection really does continue “far into the distant future.” In my life, Holton connections have had a way of popping up at just the right moments:  when my daughters started a new school, I was thrilled to run into other Holton alums at back to school night; when I had to have surgery, I was a little more at ease after discovering that my surgeon was a fellow “Holton girl.”  I have had opportunities to be back on campus as a substitute nurse and through the Alumnae Board, and when I see the current students – gosh, they are so impressive!  I feel proud to be connected to them as well!

What is your favorite memory about Holton?

This question always stumps me – there are so many memories, from so many different times in my life! But, I will always remember coming back for my first Alumnae Board meeting. The sky was dark as I walked up to the front circle, and in the warm light coming through the FCL windows, I could see women I didn’t know talking and laughing and setting up chairs. I felt like a kid on the first day of school; I was so nervous to walk in! But, as soon as I did, all those “warm and fuzzy” feelings flooded back as I was welcomed by fellow alumnae from decades far ahead and far behind me. That sense of returning home – even in a room of “strangers” -- was something I’ll never forget.

What piece of advice would you give to future generations?

A quote from The Wiz, the musical my senior year:  “Home is a place we all must find. Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we're always home, anywhere.” Remember what kind of person you wanted to be and remind yourself regularly.

If you have already named Holton-Arms in your estate plans – thank you! Please inform us so that we may thank and recognize you. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Planned Giving Website or contact Nina Gilman P ’07, ’09, Gift Officer, 301-365-6057.

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