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Ceramics Teacher Inspires Creativity

Ceramics Teacher Inspires Creativity
After dedicating 24 years to nurturing the creative spirits of Holton-Arms students, Mrs. Nandini Giridharadas bids farewell this year, leaving behind a legacy of artistry and mentorship in the realm of Advanced Ceramics. Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Giridharadas has not only taught the technical intricacies of clay manipulation but has also instilled in her students a profound appreciation for artistic expression.
Her classroom serves as a sanctuary of creativity, resonating with laughter and lively discussions about art history. Under her guidance, students delve into the tactile world of ceramics, honing their skills in pinching, coiling, and slab construction. Through the exploration of terracotta and stoneware, coupled with diverse surface decoration techniques, Mrs. Giridharadas fosters an environment where craftsmanship flourishes alongside aesthetic sensibilities.
But perhaps the most enduring aspect of Mrs. Giridharadas's tenure lies in the relationships she has cultivated with her students. As she reflects on her fondest memories, she gestures towards the bustling classroom, where each interaction represents a cherished bond forged over shared passions and creative exploration. "This," she says, “is what has enriched my journey as an educator—the profound connections with each and every student."
When given the opportunity to share their own reflections, students fondly recount moments of encouragement and camaraderie. Elise A. '25 recalls the pride she felt when Mrs. Giridharadas commended her work, while Taylor K. '25 expresses gratitude for the unwavering support she received. And amidst the laughter, Elisabeth F. '25 reminisces about the joyous spontaneity of Mrs. Giridharadas's impromptu singing and dancing sessions.
As Mrs. Giridharadas prepares to embark on her next chapter, her presence will be missed. Yet, she reassures her students that her home will always be a haven for shared moments and heartfelt conversations over a cup of tea. In her departure, she leaves behind a testament to the enduring spirit of Holton-Arms—a place where teachers inspire, students thrive, and the pursuit of knowledge is imbued with joy and creativity.
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