College Preparatory School for Girls Grades 3-12

Our Programming

Diversity Conference Student Steering Committee

The role of the Diversity Conference Steering Committee is to plan Holton’s annual Upper School and Middle School Diversity Conferences. These conferences are mandatory student-led initiatives to promote awareness of and action towards complex issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the student body. Through conversations and activities, the conference aims to engage students in relevant issues within the community and beyond.

Each year, the Steering Committee selects an overarching theme and sets it as the objective for the Conference. The planning process includes selecting potential speakers and facilitators, adapting activities, arranging the school space, and planning our retreat. The two-day facilitator retreat is an essential part of being a facilitator - facilitators not only get to help plan, choose, and participate in activities for the Conference, but also deepen their understanding of the Diversity Conference’s theme and make bonds with fellow facilitators.

Board Diversity Committee

Established during the 2018-2019 school year, the Diversity Committee of the Board focuses on developing the Board’s capacity to govern and lead for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This committee of 25 (alumnae, faculty, staff, parents, and trustees), facilitates the Board’s understanding of how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lives at Holton and in turn ensures the Board supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion agency and action at the school.

Parent Association: Diversity Workshop Series

The Holton-Arms Parents Association is hosting a series of workshops addressing anti-racist parenting and education. Upcoming education opportunities are below. Families should refer to the weekly Sunday Skim for more RSVP details. 

  •  Dr. Ali Michael, Positive Racial Identity Development Parent Workshop

    • Thursday, Nov. 18 at 7 pm (virtual)

  • PA Parent Book Club, Caste by Isabel Wilkerson 

    • Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 7 pm (virtual)

  • Dr. Rodney Glasgow

    • Tuesday, April 19 at 7 pm (virtual)

These workshops are designed to provide our parents and guardians with time, space, and support to discuss and develop a deeper understanding of their part in building a healthy multi-racial community. 

Please note dates are subject to change, check the Holton Calendar for the latest events.

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