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Our Plan

The Roadmap in Action

In founding our school, Jessie Moon Holton demonstrated the power education has to liberate the mind. By creating a space for young women to live, learn, and lead together, she empowered her students to develop a strong sense of self and belonging in a supportive community. Today, diversity, equity, and inclusion at Holton are deeply rooted in that vision and are more crucial than ever for our students to thrive beyond our walls. This imperative underscores the need for students to understand themselves, to seek understanding of others, and to foster meaningful relationships across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and ability.

In response to Holton’s 2015 AIMS Self-Study and Strategic Goals, our community committed to centering and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This commitment led to the appointment of the inaugural diversity practitioner to the Senior Administrative Leadership Team, now known as the Director of Diversity, Wellbeing, and Global Education. Serving as a liaison to the Board’s Diversity Committee and leading T.I.D.E. (our 3-12 faculty/staff diversity committee), this senior administrator facilitates professional development and community education initiatives.

With deliberate intent, DEI was woven into our educational philosophy, "Learn Well, Live Well, Lead Well," offering students opportunities to develop cultural, social-emotional, and global competencies from grades 3-12. Through academic classes, LW3 Seminar, Homeroom, and Advisory, we cultivate the consciousness, will, and skill set necessary to challenge and dismantle oppressive systems, aspiring toward a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

In 2020, our Black alumni and current students shared stories of the instances of racism and exclusion they experienced at Holton-Arms. This was a painful moment for our community that led to a period of deep listening, and mindful introspection. Recognizing our shortcomings in delivering our mission to all students, we committed to reflecting on community feedback and repairing harm. This renewed dedication strengthened our resolve to provide antiracist and anti-oppressive education for all stakeholders and to continuously review and renew our curriculum and policies. The original Antiracist/Antibias Roadmap, drafted in 2020 with community input, served as our guide for reviewing practices schoolwide and driving our actions. Since then, it has become a living framework for our ongoing commitment to becoming an antiracist/antibias community that honors Mrs. Holton's vision of holistic education for each student's mind, soul, and spirit. Each year, senior administrators set antiracist/anti-oppressive goals for their areas of responsibility and report progress to the community on the Roadmap.  The details below represent our work over the 2022-2023 school year. 

The Holton Board of Trustees' Steadfast Commitment