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Founded more than a century ago, Holton-Arms School encourages young women to approach the world with a thirst for challenge, unflinching curiosity, and a sense of responsibility to use what they learn for the greatest good.

Joining the Holton family means:
  • A commitment to hard work—knowing you will be guided and mentored by the finest teachers.
  • Spending your days alongside sisters of many ages and backgrounds, learning from one another’s experiences and celebrating one another’s achievements.
  • Connecting classroom studies to the shared global challenges you’ll one day inherit and embracing the world as the larger context for everything you learn here.
  • Reaching beyond your comfort zone, knowing there’s always someone here who has your back.
  • Learning to think and solve problems with creativity, and learning to write with persuasiveness and flair.
  • Representing your school with effort and pride in and on the court, pool, studio, or stage.
  • Joining a proud legacy of alumnae whose contributions and leadership touch every corner of the world.

Here, we help students get to truly know themselves so that they can best contribute to their communities and make a vital impact on the world.

The Girls Advantage

We take great pride in developing each girl’s unique gifts and talents. A Holton girl is anything but typical. We attribute this in large part to the girls advantage at Holton.

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Since 1901

The high academic standards for which Holton-Arms School is known today were set during those first years at 2125 S Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 

Fast Facts & History


Academic excellence is a unifying, cross-generational theme of the Holton experience. Our students have a proclivity to set a high bar in all of their endeavors, including and most especially in what they sees as their impact on the world.

Our Approach & Philosophy

Here, you belong.

Holton-Arms cherishes the uniqueness of each of the members of our community including current and former students, faculty, and staff. We seek to create an inclusive environment that sees, values, and supports diverse identities and experiences, cultivates engaging discourse, and empowers our students to be thriving members of the global community.

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The best way to experience Holton-Arms is to visit. Each year, we offer admissions events like Open House and shadow days. We also host student-led tours of our campus each fall. Learn more about our on-campus visit opportunities below.

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