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The digital edition of Scribbler is online now: http://holtonscribbler.wordpress.com/ 

May 2014 print edition

Scribbler Editorial Staff 2013-2014

Editor in Chief – Susannah Bane

Managing Editors – Noori Srivastava, Jennifer Guo

Layout Editors – Beverly Sihsobhan, Carolina Wetzler

News Editor – Anya Lilaoonwala

Spread Editor – Kate Young

Asst. Spread Editor – Elizabeth Harris

Features Editor – Ashley Willard

Asst. Features Editor – Julia Andreasen

A&E Editor – Samantha Beaulieu

Asst. A&E Editor – Jasmin Zhu

Sports Editor – Samantha Beaulieu

Photography Editors – Amanda West, Carolina Wetzler

2000, 2004, 2007 Gold Medalist, C.S.P.A.
2001, 2002, 2003 Silver Medalist, C.S.P.A.

Letters to the Editor and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of The Scribbler and its editorial board or advisor.

The Scribbler cannot publish anonymous letters, or anything deemed libelous, obscene, or in poor taste. Rights are reserved to postpone, edit, or withhold from publication anything that does not meet specifications. The opinions conveyed in The Scribbler are not those of the Holton-Arms faculty or administration.

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