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Grade 6 Skypes with "Lucy" Discoverer!
Grade 6 Skypes with "Lucy" Discoverer!

The sixth grade girls had quite the treat Thursday afternoon! They video chatted with Dr. Donald C. Johanson, the world acclaimed paleoanthropologist who discovered "Lucy" (Australopithecus afarensis) in Ethiopia in 1974. The girls studied his discovery during their Human Origins unit in Ms. Carr's Social Studies class last October.

The girls were thrilled to be able to ask their questions directly to the famous Dr. Johanson. They asked him what his favorite part of being a paleoanthropologist was?; what his other discoveries have been?; what would it have been like to meet Lucy?; and much more! He expressed how he loves taking a jeep rides out to various digging sites in Africa, sleeping in tents, and digging and discovering all day! He described how he searched for three years before finding his very first fossil!

A very special thanks to Ms. Carr who was able to arrange this amazing opportunity especially since he is in demand all over the world! "It was a thrilling, once in a lifetime opportunity!" extolled Ms. Carr.

Check out the video below!

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