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High Scores at the First Middle School Math Meet!
High Scores at the First Middle School Math Meet!

Ten of Holton's Middle School students participated in the first local Middle School Math Meet at Washington Episcopal School. Middle School and Upper School Math teacher Ms. King shared with The Scene details about the event and the final results for the math meet.

The first Middle School math meet of the school year was held at Washington Episcopal School on Wednesday, October 18. It included eighteen local independent schools, such as NCS, STA, Landon, GDS, Sidwell, Potomac, WES, and Norwood. Ten Middle School students (and six Grade 6 girls) joined forces to represent Holton. The MS students were Amelie W-B., Sophia H., Lily W., Lena P., Ayleen A., Divya D., Cadence A., Cooper P., Maggie B-M., and Rin I. Despite a smaller-than-usual team, our students still performed very well and earned 19 points (each team score is the sum of the top four individual scores). The meet was fun and successful: six schools scored within three points from each other (between 22 and 19 points) and the students had a great time. Some highlights: one of our students (Rin I.) got a perfect score of six, solving all six of the given problems correctly! One other (Amelie W-B.) scored 5 points and several got 4. Kudos to all!

Ms. King also shared a few math problems from the actual Middle School meet, can you solve them all?

1. If the two-digit number AA is multiplied by the two digit number BB, the product is the three-digit number BCB. Also if the one-digit number C is multiplied by C, the product is the two-digit number BC. Find the value of A+B+C.

2. Let x be a positive number. If x% of x equals 4% of 4% of 4, find the value of x. Write your answer as an exact decimal or simplified fraction.

(Answers: 1. 10, and 2. 4/5 or .8)

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